menopause workshops for all levels of your organisation

Team Leader / Manager Training

A 2 hour training session covering what menopause is and how to recognise the symptoms. Key focus is on how managers can best support colleagues who are going through the menopause and what reasonable adjustments can be made. As well as learning how to encourage an open dialogue within their teams

HR and Occupational Health

A 2 hour training session tailored to HR and occupational health professionals, covering policy guidelines and train the trainer skills, to facilitate the business having a ‘champion of menopause’ within their organisation who can spearhead a culture of open dialogue and provide ongoing support

Managing Menopause Health

A 3 hour interactive workshop for  individuals who want to understand more about menopause, including: how to recognise symptoms and their wide ranging effects; menopause health management through lifestyle and nutrition; long term health; and how to ask for support in the workplace and at home


1 hour menopause awareness keynote presentation covering the who, what, why, when, where and how of the menopause and how it can affect individuals. Knowledge is power. Providing everyone with a basic menopause education, no matter their age or gender, creates shift within an organisation. Taking the lid off the taboo encourages open dialogue and with it, support for colleagues who are experiencing menopausal symptoms

1-2-1 Support

There is 1 to 1 support available for individuals who are looking for personalised in-depth support to manage their menopause health. All 1-2-1’s are tailored to the individual, but support can include: nutritional and lifestyle advice; practical solutions to manage symptoms; the use of CBT; and strategies for managing anxiety. 1-2-1’s are for a minimum of 6 x 45 minute sessions, with a monthly and three-monthly follow-up

delivering keynotes, seminars, workshops, training and 1-2-1 support, because menopause… it matters

Why talk about menopause?

The menopause affects over 80% of women, typically starting once they’re over the age of 45. For most women, this does not just mean a few hot sweats, back fat and a bit of extra facial hair. All noteworthy in their own right! It also causes anxiety, depression, insomnia and poor concentration. Leading to challenges at work – not only for the women in question. The menopause can also have a significant impact on their employer and their work colleagues

Around 1.7 million women have reported finding work difficult once they entered the menopause, with 350,000 giving up work altogether

Menopausal symptoms are costing the UK economy a staggering 14 million lost working days per year

We have come a long way in my lifetime; talking about previously taboo subjects, creating openness between people and creating cultures of inclusion

The one subject yet to be brought fully into the light being this one

As a species we need to start understanding the menopause, its impact on the women it affects and the ripple effect that encompasses society as a whole

Companies who are embracing this topic, and looking to offer support, understanding and more flexibility to female sufferers are finding a new level of productivity and engagement with some of their most able, capable talent; the women who bring years of experience to the job in question

As a menopausal woman myself I understand this first-hand

I also know the impact subtle – and drastic – lifestyle changes have on the symptoms

If you’re interested in this subject, because of how it’s affecting your workforce, or how it’s changing your life, let’s talk…

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