Empowerment Through menopause

Menopause is the last third of a woman life. 80 % of women suffer to some degree from the side affects that Menopause can bring. 25% of these women suffer debilitating side effects that affect their functionality. The majority of women have little or no idea of what Menopause is and what to expect, very often only appearing on their radar when they start to notice changes in how they are feeling or how their body is responding to this natural transition in a woman’s life.

Some women struggle with how Menopause makes them feel, some lament that they are no longer able to have anymore children others rejoice. As individuals we all have our own menopause journey, unique to us. There will be similarities in some of the more common side affects but how you feel about this journey is a personal one.

It can be a time to pause and consider your life path rather than reacting to what life has thrown at you, a chance to open up to the exciting opportunities that are only a choice away. It’s a chance to identify what is working for you and what is not. Asking yourself what you want to achieve and what your new purpose might be if for instance you now have ‘an empty nest’ and you are feeling at a loss as to what your purpose is now you are no longer needed as much.

There are endless possibilities and this last third of your life’s you travel your menopause journey could quite possibly be your best yet. You can be and do whatever you believe you can, consolidate your dreams and kick them into gear. I encourage every woman to Embrace rather than endure Menopause, to be in control rather than being controlled. This is your time to shine.

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