Lockdown and Menopause

Covid19 has bought about many changes for a lot of people and most of us are unsure how things will turn out especially around employment and whether their businesses will survive .

Working from home has become the ‘new norm’ for the vast majority of us and so getting into a new groove has taken some doing, well it certainly has for me and from what I can glean from other peoples social media I am not alone.

We are living in unprecedented times which is worrying and stressful to say the least.Getting to grips with the ‘rules’ of lockdown and trying your best to protect yourself and your family, dealing with a house bursting at the seams, home schooling and then add into the mix Menopause it can often feel like total overwhelm.

Increased stress and anxiety can often make some menopause symptoms worse, insomnia, mood swings and hot flushes to name but a few.Its never been more important than now to prioritise self care. In order to keep well and stay well, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and relaxation are all vital, especially now.

It really is ok not to be ok but it’s not right to suffer in silence, no woman should ever travel her menopause journey alone. I urge women to reach out to family and friends about how they are feeling, join online groups like mine(see link below) which are full of women who will gladly welcome another woman with open arms, a community of women who understand and care.

Menopause can be embraced rather than endured, there is help and support available to help navigate what can often be a bumpy road.

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